In order to best manage its deliveries, Nuova Marmotecnica collaborates with Emotion, which is a new delivery service designed specifically for e-commerce;

E-motion (a company of the Arcese Group) follows all the logistical aspects of an order on our behalf, entrusting the courier which offers the best service in the delivery area and assisting the recipient with any eventual problems regarding the delivery of the product via a convenient service directly accessible from the tracking page. The delivery code will be sent directly to you via mail at the point of execution of the order.

The customer can obtain a quote for the cost of delivery before placing their order, directly in their own trolley. Simply insert your address and click “Calculate Estimate”. The system calculates the cost of delivery that will be applied to the order in real time. For delivery in areas not considered in our trolley, you can contact us directly via our email address,, and we will be happy to provide you with a personalised estimate.

Delivery times for wares in Italy vary from 48-72 hours from the moment we receive your order, and vary from 3-10 working days for orders placed abroad. These times are to be used as guidelines only, and may be subject to variation due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

No responsibility can be attributed to Nuova Marmatecnica in the case of late delivery or problems with the courier.

Nuova Marmatecnica is not responsible for any errors made during delivery or any delays with regards to the delivery times outlined above, which should be regarded as estimates.


Delivery, unless otherwise agreed, will take place exclusively on working days between 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00. It remains the responsibility of the customer to provide an address that will be available during the delivery times; if the delivery is not able to take place due to an error in the address provided, or because there is nobody available to take delivery etc, another attempt at delivery will be made after which the delivery will go into storage at cost to the recipient.

The courier will not carry out booking calls.

At the moment of delivery by the courier, the customer is requested to check:

1)    That the packaging is intact, undamaged, not wet or otherwise altered

2)    That no sealing materials other than the personalised Nuova Marmotecnica ribbon have been used

Any exterior damages must be reported to the courier who delivered the item immediately, indicating the words “collected conditionally” on the appropriate delivery confirmation document, within 8 days from the date of the claim, via registered letter with proof of posting, to the courier, whose address is indicated on the document.

In the specific case of a damaged packed write “collected conditionally because the package is damaged”. Even in the case of intact packaging, the item should be verified within eight days of receipt; in the case of hidden damages it is necessary to send a registered letter of complaint to the courier with a description of the damages and the condition of the packaging. It is also recommended that you notify our customer services via the email address, in order to speed up the replacement of the damaged product.

Once the document has been signed by the courier, the customer will not be able to oppose any dispute regarding the exterior characteristics of the delivery.

In accordance with art. 63 of the Dlgs 21 of 21.02.2014, it is stated that the risk of loss or damage of goods, for causes not attributable to the vendor, is transferred to the consumer only at the moment in which this person, or a third person nominated by him/her and not the courier, comes into physical possession of the goods. The risk is transferred to the consumer precisely at the moment of the consignment of the item by the courier if the courier has been selected by the consumer and this selection has not been suggested by the professional, without affecting the rights of the consumer regarding the courier.

Therefore, it is essential that you give maximum attention when accepting the delivery and signing for receipt, because in that moment the responsibility (including insurance and compensation) of the courier ceases.

For every declaration, the customer assumes full responsibility for what is declared.


The costs of shipment, including delivery and collection in Italy, are the following, subdivided into weight categories:

  • 0-10kg: €9
  • 11-20kg: €12
  • 21-30kg: €15
  • 31-50kg: €18
  • 51-75kg: €25
  • 76-100kg: €35

For orders above €500, delivery within Italy is FREE.

Our customer service is at your disposal for further clarification: write to us at

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