Who we are

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of kitchen accessories and furnishings, Nuova Marmotecnica works every day to bridge tradition and modernity. The family-run company is located in the province of Massa Carrara, the home of marble par excellence, and is characterised for its research into innovative solutions and its use of highly refined materials. Production is carried out in a completely artisanal way: the results of this production are not only extremely beautiful and high-quality, but are also exclusive objects in that each one is completely unique.

Extreme attention to detail is given to every object, which is produced only using Carrara marble, making use of the prestigious collaboration of master sculptors for a product that will not go unnoticed, both for its beauty as well as for its usefulness. Kitchen accessories are the emblem of the Nuova Marmotecnica philosophy: mortars, chests, fruit bowls, utensil holders, round and rectangular surfaces, chopping boards, rolling pins, pestles and much more, produced through expertise, knowledge and special attention to every aspect. Worthy of the substantial experience accumulated through the years, in a sector where mass production has not damaged the absolute quality of craftsmanship.

Nuova Marmotecnica Carrara guarantees that as well as offering beautiful and unique objects, which are appreciated and recognised by all of its customers, all of its products are of the highest ‘Made in Italy’ quality.

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